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What is Maverick

Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maverick is one of the country’s leading Financial Planning companies. Our mission is simple – to put as many people as possible on track to meet their important Financial Goals (for example, their Child’s Education, a Home Purchase or a Comfortable Retirement) by helping them invest their money wisely, simply, smartly and efficiently.

How many clients does Maverick have & How much money do you manage?

Maverick has made hundred's of Financial Plans for individuals in more than 100+ cities in the country.  & out of country as well. Our expertise in Financial Planning has been acknowledged by clients and the industry. Through implementation of the goal based financial plans we currently have in excess of 1,000 + monthly SIP’s and over Rs. 30 crores invested through Maverick.

What are charges incurred for investing in Mutual Funds through Maverick.

A nominal transaction charge of Rs. 150 for first time investor and Rs. 100 for repeat investors is levied. In case of SIP’s, this amount is divided into four equal tranches running from the 2nd to the 6th instalment.

Why was Maverick set up?

We recognized that there’s a burgeoning need among India’s populace for quality, conflict-free Financial Advice. In the past few years, many clients have suffered in the hands of so-called Advisors who provide conflicted advice that is commission-motivated. A study conducted by Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research in 2013 estimated that the losses borne by clients due to mis-selling of life insurance products alone, in the 8 years prior to Maverick's inception in 2012, totaled Rs. 1.5 lakh crore. To fulfil the need for trustworthy advice, Maverick was set up with the singular intent of helping thousands of Indians achieve their long-term financial objectives by investing affordable sums of money into low-cost, high quality, high growth potential investment products.

Is Maverick "Robo Advisor"?

Maverick is not a “Robo Advisor”, but a first of its kind “Bionic Advisory” platform. With Maverick, your investment advice will be provided by a qualified individual who has years of experience in managing investments for clients. Simultaneously, Maverick leverages high end technology to ensure that your investment experience is seamless, convenient, and not time consuming. In other words, we combine the human touch with high end systems and processes to deliver a superior investing experience to our clients.

Within Financial assets, Maverick mainly recommends Mutual Funds?

Research has indicated that most investors are ill-equipped to invest directly into securities such as stocks and bonds. Armed with less than adequate knowledge, they often tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, incurring losses in the process. As they say – “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!” Mutual Funds, on the other hand, are managed by professional Fund Managers who have decades of experience in the securities markets. They have a wide variety of categories that cater to all kinds of investors with different risk tolerance levels and time horizons. Currently, the total pool of investments managed by Mutual Fund companies in India exceeds Rs. 16.5 lakh crores.

How safe my Money with Maverick?

Maverick takes great care to ensure that your investments are made in line within the bounds of your risk tolerance levels. However, it’s vital to know that the very nature of securities markets can often lead to irrational price fluctuations in the short and medium term. Equities are especially prone to volatility. Maverick recommends all its clients to carefully understand both the rewards and risks associated with making investments into Mutual Funds. Our Advisors also ensure that all your investments are in line with your preferred time horizon. These checks and balances greatly increase your chances of earning returns over the long term.

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