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Online Transaction Platform: FAQ

What is NSE and the NSE NMF II Platform

NSE (National Stock Exchange), was established in 1992 as the first dematerialized electronic exchange in the country. NSE has a proven and time-tested trading and settlement platform, assuring efficient on-time transactions - and is a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) ensuring transparency to all stakeholders. It has ISO certified processes governing clearing and settlement, Information Technology and Surveillance, and it offers seamless settlement processes supported by state-of-the-art clearing and systems.
NSE’s NSE NMF II platform is a secure, feature-rich and highly flexible tool that allows you to transact in Mutual Funds safely using NSE’s world-class technology platform. Lakhs of investors across India are now transacting without paperwork, through the NMF II MF platform. NSE's NMF II is the country’s largest platform for facilitating mutual fund investment transactions!

Why NSE NMF II platform and not others or why should we not opted directly to AMC ( Asset Management Company ) that is Mutual fund company?

Key Benefits of the NMF II Platform

Business Empowerment

  • Analytical reports to power sales and marketing strategies

  • Superior platform allows you to focus more on business

Client Empowerment

  • Transparent platform - enable view access for clients

  • Generate quick reports - portfolio, gain & loss, taxation

Operations Empowerment

  • Enhanced efficiency in transaction submission, settlement and reconciliation

  • Single screen to add multiple orders across multiple mutual funds

  • Single payment for multiple orders across multiple mutual funds

Technological Empowerment

  • Single platform to access all mutual funds across all AMCs across all RTAs

  • Efficient back-end interfaces with eco system partners

My Bank informed me that a mandate has been registered by NSE, what is for

Process-wise, the first leg of your MF transaction involves the collection of money for the application or units for redemption. In order to execute this, NSE and its Clearing Corporation - NSE Clearing will be responsible for sending the same to RTAs (Registrar Transfer Agents – the folks who manage information flow on behalf of Mutual Fund Companies). The above stated actions require a mandate – which is essentially an authorization from your side to allow your Advisor to initiate the above stated orders on your behalf. When this mandate gets registered, your bank informs you of the same. In fact, BNE has recently taken things a step further by introducing the e-mandate (which further cuts TAT’s to just 3 days), for which as many as 40 banks have already registered so far!

Who authorized this mandate? How was this initiated?

As a standard practice, we offer online and paperless transactions to all our clients. For this, Maverick Financials has tied up with National Stock Exchange NMF II MF platform so that we can have the best and largest paperless platform available in the country as a part of our offering to our clients.
Today, we have clients this NSE NMF II platform for all their mutual fund transactions making their entire investment experience secure, paperless and hassle free!
At the time of onboarding, we had sent you the NSE NMFII registration and mandate form and the mandate was registered subsequently.

How should i give NSE NMF II a Mandate to Dip into my Account.

First, because the entire investment process is highly secure, and is backed by a parent of the highest possible pedigree. Second, because you retain complete control over the process at all times – that is, your Advisor can only initiate a transaction on your behalf. The final execution is done by you via an OTP – just as you authorize payments on your credit card or Net Banking account. In other words, despite the mandate, you hold the “steering wheel” at all times!
Almost all the Mutual Fund Houses and Lakhs of investors across the country are currently using the NSE NMF II platform to make their investments effortless and quick.

Beside my investment in Mutual Fund can NSE use this Mandate for any other purpose.

No, this mandate cannot be used for any purpose other than facilitating your Mutual Fund investments.
Maverick Financials, as your advisor does not have authority to do any transaction from your account and you do not need to worry about any financial misuse of your bank account.

My investment is relatively Small while the mandate is for Large Amount. why ?

The mandate amount is essentially the maximum limit set for a daily transaction amount. Although the platform allows us to register mandates for upto Rs. 1 Crore, we believe that Rs. 1 Lakh is a sufficient mandate amount. In the past, many of our clients have expressed last minute desires to deploy moneys into liquid funds for short periods, invest in NFO’s that are closing in a day, or invest lump sums on a day when markets have fallen heavily. To avoid having to run back and forth at the last minute to create a new mandate with a different limit, we advise you to sign up with a mandate for a higher sum.

At any point of time, How can i cancel this Mandate?

Absolutely. At any point in time, you can cancel this mandate directly, by visiting your bank. Alternatively, you could contact your Financial Advisor, who will deactivate your Mandate, rendering the mandate unusable.

What are Benefits of NSE ACH Mandate?

Paperless Mutual fund Transactions: Once your NSE ACH mandate has been registered you can initiate transactions, start SIP’s, redemptions etc quickly and without going through the stress of sending documentation.

Faster Execution: no more frustrating execution delays while waiting for forms to be collected and dispatched by a courier service. You instruct - we execute. You can virtually execute all types of MF transactions via NSE NMFII.

A Better Experience: The platform provides you with a completely hassle-free and secure way of transacting – redemptions, lump sum purchases, increase in SIP amounts, switching of funds etc. across all Asset Management Companies (Mutual Fund houses)

Secure: You have the assurance in the best of encryption technology and data safety from National Stock Exchange. While your advisor can initiate transactions on your behalf, you need to confirm the transaction through the OTP which will be sent to your registered number by NSE directly. The initiated transaction will happen only once the SMS OTP confirmation is received by BSE from you!

Where can i get More details of NSE NMF II platform?

you can access at below link for more details and platform security,

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