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Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is an ongoing journey and we're here to help you feel prepared at every step of the way.

Retirement Planning involves the disciplined accumulation of a planned amount of money, by a specific target date. This money must be sufficient to provide you with an inflation-proof income that will comfortably outlast you, as well as your dependent partner. In addition, this fund must be sufficient to take care of medical emergencies, allow you to travel, as well as enjoy the free time you’ll have at hand once you hang up your work boots for good!

Most of us in India do not adopt a planned approach to our retirement planning, and this often leads to much strife in our twilight years.

Retirement Planning: About

Where are you in your retirement journey?


It's never to early, or too late to start saving. We'll help you create a plan based on how far away you are from retirement.

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We'll look how much you have saved, how much you'll need, and help you to build an income plan for cash flow designed to last.

Retirement Planning: Projects

What’s driving the need for a solid retirement plan?

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Increasing Lifespans

On average, lifespans in India are going up by 5 years every decade – and so is the risk of your outliving your savings.

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Long term inflation in India has hovered around 6.5%. A soft drink now costs more than 15 times what it did when your parents were your age!

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Nuclear Families

More than 70% of urban households now have only one couple. With joint families breaking down, one needs to be more retirement ready.

Retirement Planning: Clients
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