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How safe is my money with Maverick?

Investments in Mutual Funds are made by investors directly with the Asset Management Company through cheques / online debits from your bank account and redemptions are credited back to the same account, Maverick only acts as a facilitator and advisor, and does not retain any funds in its own name. All Mutual Funds provide a high degree of regulatory comfort, as they are subject to strict checks and balances by SEBI.

How does Maverick ensure 100% security of my information ?

Maverick ensures that confidential and sensitive information related to your Financial Planning is never compromised. Our services are hosted in top security data centers, and our data is backed up daily.

Can Maverick withdraw money from my account without my knowledge ?

Absolutely not. The investments are securely held directly in your name, with the AMC. Maverick cannot withdraw any money from your corpus.

Will Maverick share my private information with a third party?

As an organization, Maverick is 100% committed to the security and confidentiality of your information. We view our relationship with you as fiduciary in nature, and will never disclose your information, investment related or otherwise, to any third party.

Who regulates Asset Management Companies?

Mutual Funds run by Asset Management Companies are regulated directly by SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India). Funds employ an iron-tight, multi-tiered, trust based structure that ensures that your money is safe and secure from a regulatory standpoint.

Security: FAQ
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