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What can an investor do with Maverick?

With Maverick, an investor can start investments towards their long term goals, avail the services of an expert financial planner, have a detailed financial report prepared, consult with their dedicated advisor on all aspects of their personal finances, transact without paperwork for their new and existing investments, view their investments using our app or online portal and keep track of their goal achievement with our Goal Tracking Report facility.

Can Maverick help me with a loan ?

Maverick does not promote or sell loans, in fact we have helped many of our client with a goal based plan to pre close home loans in a shorter duration, pay off credit card and personal loan outstanding etc. As your financial advisors we guide you on how to get rid of expensive debt and become loan-free.

How can Maverick help me with my retirement planning ?

Burgeoning inflation, the breakdown of the joint family and increasing lifespans have made retirement planning a key priority for most of us. Maverick can help you with your retirement planning by putting together and executing a robust plan of action, by freeing up your long term savings from low yielding assets, by optimizing your present portfolio to maximize your retirement corpus (within the bounds of rational risk-taking), by helping you with systematic de-risking as you approach your retirement years, and lastly, by helping you economize your retirement corpus while creating a tax efficient income stream for you after you retire; thereby substantially reducing the risk of you outliving your liquid investments

Why should I opt for Maverick and not invest directly with AMC’s ?

Direct plans give you an advantage of cost (approx 0.5% on equity funds). We all know that in this world there are no free lunches!
In order to create wealth and to meet long term goals a financial plan is a neccesity. Fund selection plays a minor role in this, what is more important is customised goal linked invetsment, periodic rebalancing of portfolio, risk review and portfolio reallocation, goal tracking etc. If the entire process of Financail Planning is followed the probablity of meeting your goals goes up drastically (as much as 300% as per studies).
By going “direct” you do save some money on cost (although it is marginal), what you gain is that you remain invested through turbulent market cycles, have a portfolio with the right asset allocation, periodic reviews and rebalancing. This adds immense vaue to your investments and are the difference between attaining financial freedom and falling into the trap of greed and fear which has led to millions of investors burning their fingers in the investment arena.
The investment markets are built to transfer wealth from the impatient; to the patient and the disciplined. This patience and discipline can only be brought in to your investments through a good customised Financial Plan

Why does Maverick advise on mutual funds but not direct equities ?

Maverick is a financial planning company that is focused on helping you achieve your long term financial goals. In India, equities are largely viewed as speculative tools to make a quick buck, and not as long term investments. When it comes to equities, clients have a tendency to follow costly and high risk short term strategies such as BTST, Short Selling and Options Trading rather than buying growth stocks at reasonable prices and holding onto them for the long term. For this reason, we consider Mutual Funds as a more suitable tool to achieve your long term goals. Not only do you hand the steering wheel over to a qualified, experienced and seasoned fund manager, but the SIP habit also encourages you to think long term and not be carried away by market trends

Can Maverick help me save taxes ?

Yes. Maverick can help you avoid common tax saving related pitfalls and ensure that your endeavor to save taxes under Section 80(C) also results significant long term wealth creation for you. Maverick recommends only low cost, high growth tax saving investments that have the potential to grow into a sizeable corpus for you, which you can later utilize for the partial fulfilment of one or more financial goals.

How does Maverick select its funds ?

Our research desk rolls out a quarterly white list of funds across categories. The fund selection criteria are multiple. Some of our evaluation parameters include long term performance track records, fund manager competence, expense ratio, top holdings, medium term tactical strategy, risk controls employed by the fund house, and CRISIL rating. With Maverick , you can rest assured knowing that your money is going into nothing short of the gold standard of mutual fund investments.

My investment application form got rejected. Now what ?

In the unlikely event that somebody from our service desk hasn’t already got in touch with you to put into effect a speedy resolution, all you need to do is inform us by emailing or calling us, Monday to Saturday between 9-30 am and 6-30 pm.

Can Maverick review my existing Mutual Fund portfolio for me ?

Yes, we would be delighted to assist you with an end to end evaluation of your existing investments, without any charges. In fact – we consider this to be an essential activity, so that we can form a more holistic picture of your portfolio rather than give you advice in a piecemeal manner.

Will my Financial Advisor at Maverick only be advising me on my Mutual Funds, or on my overall finances ?

Your Financial Advisor is a qualified expert with well-rounded knowledge of all investment products, including newly launched schemes. We will therefore be able to guide you on all aspects of your personal finances (barring taxation, which is a specialized role that needs to be fulfilled by a Chartered Accountant). However, this advice will be fiduciary in nature and we will not be assisting you in the purchase of any investment products other than mutual funds.

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